January 18th, 2011


Dan Treacy, лидер Television Personalities, о тюрьме

- What was prison like?

I did not pick up a guitar for years as I spent time being homeless or in hostels. I've been in prison four times now for things like shoplifting to feed my drug habit. I got transferred from Brixton to what I called The Good Ship Lollipop [floating HMP, The Weare]. It was the best thing that could have happened. Brixton was horrendous. I was not in a cell but in a cabin and could look out of the window over Weymouth Bay. The prison warders were pretty cool and there were computers. I found fan websites. At the same time, I got a letter from my friend, Xfm DJ Iain Baker, and he said he'd heard I was dead. I wrote back to him and he announced on the Web that I was alive and well.

- We had heard the ‘Dan is dead' rumour.

I didn't actually see it myself but my sister had heard it. I don't know why anyone would write things like that. I was certainly at death's door a couple of times with the drugs but that's something I'm not proud of. When I showed the websites to the education people in the prison, one of the nuns brought me a guitar. I was supposed to give it back at lock-up in the evenings but they let me keep it in the cell with me. There was a guy in the next cell – an ex-mod – who had a four-track recording studio in his. I had the guitar and so we did some jamming together. When I'd first been given the guitar, I didn't want to pick it up. I kept a journal while I was in prison but I never really wrote seriously. People are saying that I wrote the album while I was in prison but I didn't. I didn't want to get into some kind of Johnny Cash-style thing. There was nothing to write about in that prison anyway. As I said, it was quite nice. I could have written songs about being in Brixton or Pentonville, which were much, much worse. I don't want to fall into writing that much personal stuff. Although, having said that, I have written All The Young Children On Crack. I wouldn't write songs about being homeless. There are loads of people who are homeless. I had no greater insight into it than them.

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Короче, охранники приносят гитары, зэки джемуют в полный рост и занимаются звукозаписью, читают почту и сайты своих фанатов. Что ж такое-то?


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Старинный замок для Водолеев

замок Шенонсо, гороскоп

Вы только посмотрите на замок Шенонсо! Уже один его внешний вид говорит о том, что он как нельзя лучше подойдёт Водолеям.

Первое упоминание о замке на этом месте относится ещё к 11 веку. Однако тот замок, что мы видим сегодня, был возведён только в начале шестнадцатого века, а от предыдущих построек был сохранён лишь донжон, главная башня, стоящая рядом с замком.

Через несколько лет после завершения строительных работ замок был присвоен королём Франциском I. Затем его сын Генрих II, унаследовав трон, подарил замок своей фаворитке Диане де Пуатье вопреки закону, запрещавшему отчуждение королевских владений. Чем и воспользовалась королева, вернув Шенонсо в королевские владения после смерти Генриха.

А в конце 16 века замок окончательно принял свой сегодняшний вид, когда на мосту через реку Шер было возведено его новое крыло.

Около десяти лет спустя, когда был убит Генрих III, его вдова королева избрала своей резиденцией именно Шенонсо, где оставалась до самой своей смерти. После этого замок был фактически покинут королями и сменил несколько владельцев. В конце 19 века замок Шенонсо был продан Анри Менье, одному из богатых промышленников того времени, а сегодня принадлежит его потомкам.

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